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Israel’s nuclear weapons threat to Mideast peace: Analyst

Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, believes Israel’s refusal to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has been a decades-long issue, adding that it is time for Iran to use its leverage to bring Tel Aviv to the table on a number of issues, including its nuclear weapons, which are ...

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‘Venezuela opposition not interested in reviving economy’

Venezuela has for weeks been the scene of bloody riots. The government is the target of heavy criticism from the opposition over a large-scale economic crisis, escalated by an acute shortage of food and medicine. President Nicolas Maduro’s latest call for a new popular assembly to rewrite the constitution has ...

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Syrian city hit by car bombing, 7 killed

A car bomb has been set off in a city in Syria’s northern Aleppo Province, killing at least seven people and wounding 20 others. The bombing occurred near the al-Maytam Mosque in the city of Azaz, which is held by militants, on Wednesday, according to Lebanon’s al-Ahd news outlet. It ...

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US, Israel, Saudi using terrorism to balkanize Mideast: Analyst

Catherine Shakdam, the director of Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, believes relations between terrorist groups and the tripartite of the United States, the Israeli regime and Saudi Arabia show they are resorting to terrorism to push forward their agenda in the region. Israel actually has never made it secret that ...

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French PM warns of EU death if Le Pen wins presidency

French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has warned that the European Union will not survive if far-right leader Marine Le Pen becomes president. “The European Union, weakened by Brexit, would not be able to withstand the new shock that would be constituted by the arrival in power in France of a government that ...

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May Day rallies across US target government’s policies

Labor unions and civil rights groups have staged demonstrations across the United States on May Day to protest against the government’s policies, particularly its immigration policy. The rallies on Monday were held in several cities and attended by tens of thousands of people, mostly immigrants and civil rights activists. The ...

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