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Saudi Arabia buys Israeli ‘Iron Dome’ system amid détente: Report

Muslim Times(Web Desk) -Saudi Arabia has reportedly purchased a missile system owned and operated by Israel as the two regimes move towards making their secret relations public. Citing high-level diplomatic sources, the Emirati news website al-Khaleejonline reported on Wednesday that Riyadh had purchased the so-called Iron Dome system from Tel ...

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Brazil’s Lula to drop presidential bid: Report

(Reuters) – Jailed former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will throw in the towel on Tuesday in his legal battle to run in the October 7 election and allow his Workers Party to announce running mate Fernando Haddad as its candidate, party sources told Reuters. Lula had hoped ...

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India among 168 laziest nations in the world

CALIFORNIA (Web Desk) – India is among the list of the world’s most inactive countries as the laziest 168 nations in the world have today been named and shamed in a major new report of exercise levels across the globe by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The report, which tracked ...

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How US is misleading world on Afghanistan

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – Almost two decades into its the occupation of Afghanistan, the United States insists that its 2001 invasion of the country has paid off as Taliban and other militants have been put on the back foot. So far, over 2,200 American soldier have been killed in Afghanistan ...

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The death penalty is declining around the world

PARIS (AFP) – The use of the death penalty is declining: more than two-thirds of countries have abolished or ceased to use it and executions continued to decrease in 2017, Amnesty International says. The use of the death penalty is declining. Photo: File But capital punishment remains in place in ...

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