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Mustard gas used in Syria war in August: OPCW

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) says chemical weapons have been used in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo in August. An official with the global chemical arms watchdog said on Thursday that weapons experts have come to the conclusion for the first time that mustard gas was ...

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Iraqi army pushing further to liberate ISIL-held city of Ramadi

Altaf Ahmad Baghdad Iraqi army forces are pressing ahead with their military campaign to liberate the ISIL-held city of Ramadi. Bad weather and traps laid out by the terrorists are hindering their progress. But as Press TV’s Altaf Ahmad explains in the following report, the liberation of the city could ...

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Britain extends military presence in Afghanistan

Fayez Khorshid Kabul Britain has extended the stay of its troops in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Defence says Afghan forces haven’t yet developed into a fully-fledged fighting force capable of providing complete security. The announcement comes as Afghan security forces have made significant gains against the Taliban in 2015.

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Surprise abounds in Turkey over AKP win

Verenia Keet Istanbul In Turkey, the ruling Justice and Development Party has managed to reclaim the majority of seats in the snap parliamentary elections. The result is considered a success for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is now able to form a government without coalition partners.

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Progress made against Daesh in Syria without Western help

Riley Waggaman Moscow Officials in Moscow say significant progress has been made against Takfiri terrorists in Syria only one month after Russia began its air campaign in the country. They say the West’s refusal to cooperate with Russia’s anti-terrorism operations has been the major obstacle to a swift victory against ...

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Syrian army foils Daesh attack on town near Aleppo

Mohamad Ali Aleppo The Syrian army has repelled a major attack by Daesh terrorists on the northwestern town of Safirah in the Aleppo countryside. The Syrian forces have managed to inflict heavy losses on the terrorist group. Our correspondent Mohamad Ali has filed this report from the Syrian town.

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