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Trump gun policy based on reelection concerns: Analyst

US President Donald Trump’s decision to curb the use of gun-enhancing devices such as a bump-stock ban is a late and inadequate decision that is mostly motivated by reelection concerns, says an African American journalist in Detroit. “Trump is merely responding because he thinks he will be very vulnerable in ...

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High levels of sedentary behavior may increase the risk of death for frail adults aged 50 and older who have low levels of physical activity, a new study suggests. Researchers find that prolonged sitting raises the risk of death for frail, inactive adults. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americansstate that ...

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Libyans mark 7 years since protests that ousted Gaddafi

(AFP) – Thousands of Libyans on Saturday marked the seventh anniversary of the start of protests that ousted dictator Muammar Gaddafi, with rallies and concerts despite the country’s political and economic morass. In the capital Tripoli, and across many cities in the North African country, thousands packed public squares where ...

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