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Trump set to remove Kirstjen Nielsen as Homeland Security secretary: Report

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – US President Donald Trump is prepared to remove Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen as early as this week, according to a report.

Citing several current and former White House officials, The Washington Post reported on Monday that President Trump has planned to oust Nielsen as soon as possible over her “lackluster performance” on immigration enforcement.

The officials told the Post that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is struggling to keep Nielsen on her post and attempting to postpone Trump’s decision. Kelly has reportedly defended her for months.

According to the officials, this week Trump canceled a scheduled trip with the Homeland Security secretary to visit American troops at the border and said that he wants to get rid of her.

Trump has complained for months about what her job performance and is reportedly looking for a person who will implement his controversial immigration policy.

During cabinet meetings, Trump has often criticized her harshly and mocked her in conversations with other White House officials, the Post reported.

Trump has reportedly grown frustrated with her after she told him that some of his hard-line immigration policy ideas like building a wall on the border with Mexico were not feasible.

Trump has called the Central American migrants a security threat, ordering the deployment of thousands of troops to the Mexican border to contain them.

More than 7,000 active duty troops have been deployed to the US states of Texas, Arizona, and California.

The US president has also suggested that the US troopers deployed to the southwest borders can shoot at migrants if the latter threw stones or rocks at them.

He has announced plans to revoke the right to citizenship for babies born to non-US citizens on American soil and erect massive “tent cities” to detain migrants.

Trump has made his hard-line stance on immigration an integral part of his presidency and has promised to build a wall along the US-Mexican border to curb the flow of migrants from Mexico and Central America.

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