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Daily Archives: October 24, 2018

India, Afghanistan defy US on Iran’s Chabahar plan

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – India and Afghanistan are pushing ahead with plans to open a new transportation corridor between the two countries via Iran’s strategic port of Chabahar despite US sanctions. New Delhi sees the port crucial to its connectivity ambitions, including access to CIS countries – a regional organization ...

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France to repatriate children of Daesh members from Syria

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – France has decided to return to the European country the children of Daesh terrorists who have French nationality and are being held in detention by Syrian Kurdish forces. “French authorities are now entering an active phase of evaluation on the possibility of repatriating minors,” a French ...

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Arrests of migrant families increase at US-Mexico border: Officials

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – The United States has intensified its crackdown on undocumented migrants attempting to enter the country through its southern borders, with the US Border Patrol announcing to have apprehended nearly 400,000 people crossing the Mexico-US border in the 2018 fiscal year. US border officials said on Tuesday ...

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US deep state sets guidelines for foreign policy: Ron Paul

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned about the dangers posed under Trump by the US military-industrial complex, which wanted to increase arms sales. Paul said on Monday the US arms manufacturers, which were one of the most powerful groups in the US ...

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Trump wants to meet Putin in Paris on November 11: Bolton

(AFP) – US President Donald Trump wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin when the two leaders visit Paris on November 11 for World War I commemorations, according to American National Security Adviser John Bolton. “I think President Trump will look forward to seeing you in Paris on the sidelines ...

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