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Bollywood actor Nana Pateker out of ‘House Full 4’

(Muslim Times) – In what can be termed spree of facing the music by, otherwise popular Bollywood bigwigs, veteran actor Nana Patekar has experienced drop out from the film ‘House Full 4’ after being accused of sexual harassment actress Tanushree Dutta, the Ashiiq Banaya Aap ne fame girl, under the flag of ‘MeToo’ movement,

According to insiders, the film director has officially announced to drop out Nana Patekar from upcoming film ‘House Full 4’ over charge of sexual harassment leveled by Tanushree.

It has also been clarified that all those scenes of the movie, which had already been filmed, will be chopped off which makes it clear that Nana Patekar will no more be a part of this Bollywood film.

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