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Israel lays siege to Palestinian Bedouin village ahead of demolition

Muslim Times(Web Desk) –  The Israeli military has laid siege to a Palestinian Bedouin village it plans to demolish, two days after the regime’s evacuation deadline for the residents expires.

Large numbers of Israeli forces surrounded Khan al-Ahmar, located east of occupied Jerusalem al-Quds, on Wednesday morning, the Palestinian Information Center news website and network reported.

“Several military vehicles have arrived in the village since the early morning hours and surrounded the Bedouin community,” it said, citing locals.

In late August 2017, Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman announced that the regime would evacuate the entire community within several months.

Israel’s Supreme Court has twice ruled in favor of demolishing the entire village, first on May 24 and again on September 5, when it rejected the residents’ appeals against the demolition and said a temporary injunction that had put the move on hold would expire within seven days.

Tel Aviv then gave Khan al-Ahmar’s families a week, ending on October 1, to leave.

The regime says the village was built illegally, but Palestinians say the demolition plan is part of the regime’s forcible displacement policy to make room for its settlement construction activities on occupied land.

The United Nations has urged Israel not to demolish the village, home to 180 Palestinians, adding that the planned move violates international law.

Israel has been leading the construction activities in the occupied territory since 1967, when it seized it during a wholesale war.

The international law bans construction on occupied territory.

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