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Need another surgical strike, says Indian Army Chief

MUMBAI (Muslim Times) – Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Monday said that India needs to launch another surgical strike against terrorists.

In a statement, Army Chief Bipin said that if Pakistan wants to improve bilateral ties with India then it should take steps to enhance regional security.  He once again rehashed the old mantra that terrorism and talks can’t go hand in hand.

Earlier, Indian army chief was quoted as saying, “The decision of Modi’s govt is legitimate. You [read Pakistan] must take such an initiative which coerces us [read India] into contemplating that terrorism is not being sponsored.”

On Saturday, Gen Bipin had threatened to take limited military action against Pakistan Army saying it is time to give it back to them in the same leaving aside the kind of barbarism they had resorted to.

Rawat while making hollow claims said that it is important for the neighbouring country to also feel the pain and it needs to realise at the same time that it has to curb the terrorism menace.

The Indian army chief said that India will have to respond to Pakistan in their own language without resorting to barbarism.

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