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Celebrities flood Ivanka’s Instagram over Trump’s family separation policy

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – American celebrities including Amy Schumer, Alexa Chung, Sophia Amoruso and Chelsea Handler have launched a coordinated social media campaign urging US President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, to speak out against the effects of the Trump administration’s family separation policy.

The celebrities have joined forces to flood social media with “Dear Ivanka” letters and demanded the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, according to reports.

Last Thursday, Ivanka called the child separation policy adopted by the Trump administration “a low point.” She stated that she was “vehemently against family separation” but added that immigration is “incredibly complex as a topic.”

The celebrities Ivanka follows on Instagram posted the letter on Instagram Tuesday. “Dear Ivanka, You follow me on social media,” the post begins. “You said family separation was a ‘low point’ for you. The low point is for the separated families.”

“You spoke in past tense,” it adds, but “this crisis is ongoing.”

“As of now, 572 children have not been reunited. A child has died after separation. Approximately 400 parents have been deported without their children. There have been multiple claims of sexual and physical abuse in detention. There have been psychotropic drugs administered to children in detention without parental consent,” it continues.

“These abuses have occurred on your father’s watch and under the leadership of Secretary Nielsen. End these racist, inhumane and unconscionable abuses now,” it says. “We demand you call for the resignation of Secretary Nielsen!”

Ivanka has been tagged in dozens of the “Dear Ivanka” posts, with members of the public joining celebrities demanding Nielsen’s resignation. But so far she has not responded to the calls to action.

Ivanka drew widespread criticism from activists and some lawmakers last month when she remained publicly silent on the US administration’s immigration enforcement policy that led to more than 2,500 family separations along the southern border.

The lawmakers blasted the separation practice as “inhumane” and “cruel,” but Trump and other officials insisted only Congress could address the issue.

More than 2,000 separated children are currently in the US government’s custody, according to the Department of Homeland Security, which claims that it is aware of their locations and is making an effort to reunite them with their families.

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