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Nadia Hussain gets bullied over posting no-makeup selfie!

(Web Desk) – Famous Pakistani model, actress and businessman Nadia Hussain who posted her selfie without makeup has been bullied on social media.

Following the start of this week, our newsfeeds have been loaded with photos of Pakistani actresses posting their selfies without makeup to embrace their natural beauty.

The amazing trend was initiated by Pakistani supermodel Nadia Hussain.

The actress and model shared her selfie without makeup on her Instagram account.

In a recent Instagram post, Nadia Hussain is following in Cindy Crawford’s steps by posting a #wokeupthisway challenge looking-esk picture and challenging actors Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly, Ayesha Omar and Mawra Hocane to post a photo of their morning aka ‘no make-up’ faces, like she has.

In the caption of this post, Nadia explains how she felt the need to encourage her followers to focus on ‘real beauty’ rather than ‘perfect beauty’.

However, she was greatly bullied for posting this picture, as people called out the model for being a makeup and screen beauty only. Nadia, however, had a stronger reply to this.

“So pathetic to see!!! Yes it s true WOMEN PULL DOWN OTHER WOMEN!!! #saynotocyberbullying,” she said while sharing some of the comments she received on her previous picture.

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