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PML-N members express reservations over Nawaz’s interview

ISLAMABAD (Muslim Times) – Shun confrontation and focus on contesting elections, advised PML-N members in the parliamentary party meeting today.

PML-N members have expressed reservations over former party President Nawaz Sharif’s recent interview which sparked controversy in the national circles.

In the meeting headed by party President Shehbaz Sharif, some members asked the President to intervene and make party position clear on the issue in order to avoid further scrutiny of the party. They said that the narrative of Nawaz Sharif should be same as Shehbaz’s on the issue.

Nawaz Sharif revealed in an interview that those who attacked hotel in Mumbai in 2008 hailed from Pakistan.

Some members recommended Shehbaz Sharif to suggest Nawaz to turn to his old friends for consultation.

They maintained that the ongoing crisis can hurt their election campaign. Some members even called the one who arranged Nawaz Sharif and Cyril Almeida’s meeting a ‘traitor.’

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