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Daily Archives: May 10, 2018

US withdrawal from Iran deal violates UN resolution: Russian FM

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – Russia’s top diplomat has denounced the pullout by the US of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal as a “significant” violation of a United Nations resolution that endorsed the international document back then. During a Thursday press conference with his visiting German counterpart, Heiko Maas, Russian Foreign ...

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Syrian army says destroyed most of Israeli rockets

(News Desk) – The Syrian army command says its air defense systems have managed to intercept and destroy the biggest part of a “successive wave” of Israeli rockets fired at military bases in the Arab country. The army spokesman said in a statement on state television on Thursday that the ...

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Deadly hostage crisis ends in Indonesia jail: Police

Muslim Times(Web Desk) – Police in Indonesia say a hostage crisis at a high-security prison on the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta, has ended, three days after scores of inmates conducted “an act of terror” against guards in the detention center, killing a number of police personnel. The deadly incident ...

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How social media is hurting your memory

(Web Desk) – Each day, hundreds of millions of people document and share their experiences on social media, from packed parties to the most intimate family moments. Social platforms let us stay in touch with friends and forge new relationships like never before, but those increases in communication and social ...

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