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Iran proved Hijab promotes acquiring knowledge among women: Ayatollah Khamenei

Today, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, various fields of sciences are available for women: women who have preserved both their modesty and chastity–their womanly purity, their hijab, thoroughly; raise their children based on Islamic values; take care of their husbands the way Islam advises; while they continue with their scientific and political activities at the same time.

Of course, we have made progress in the Islamic Republic. I am optimistic. I saw the situation of our society before the Revolution. At that time, our country, our society, and our women were headed towards a horrible and dangerous situation. Because women in our country were imitating European women, in some cases their situation was even worse than the situation of European women. This was the kind of situation that they were promoting. However, Iranian women managed to overcome this destructive wave because of the religious faith that has been instilled into their hearts. They managed to contribute so much to the Revolution through their presence; and they managed to play an essential role in helping the Revolution achieve victory. And after the victory of the Revolution, the movement of Iranian women has been extraordinary.

I would say that the wives and mothers of those who struggle on the path to God are true manifestations of patience and resistance. If you read their biographies, you will see how much they have suffered. Of course, there were such women among the wives of revolutionary activists who experienced those hardships, but perfect examples of such women emerged during the Sacred Defense Era. They sent their children into the battlefields. Many of their children were martyred or disabled, but these role models of patience and resistance stood firm like a mountain. This is the progress that we have made in spiritual arenas. Thankfully, our country has made extraordinary progress on political and scientific fronts as well. The large number of intellectual women who teach at our Islamic seminaries and universities—some of whom are fortunately present among you dear audience—show that the Islamic Republic has been successful. This is my view. This optimistic view makes many hearts hopeful towards the future. If we continue making progress at this speed, we will definitely manage to overcome the wrong western culture that is prevalent in the world. We should work hard. We should make determined efforts. However, this optimistic view should not prevent us from seeing weaknesses. We made some progress, but we could have made a lot more progress. Our weaknesses and problems prevented us from making further progress. You mentioned some of these problems in this meeting and there have been other problems as well, which should be eliminated.

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