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US isolated self more anytime it targeted Iran at UNSC: Araqchi

(Web Desk)Speaking Friday on the sidelines of the 29th meeting of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties in Tehran, Abbas Araqchi an Iranian deputy foreign minister enumerated recent US attempts to make Tehran an object of rebuke at the 15-nation council, including claims about Iran’s conventional missile program and scattered riots inside the country as well as allegations of missile delivery to Yemen.

“Every time, the US presented Iran’s missile issue, Yemen or even the unrest inside Iran and sought to use these issues to drag Iran to the Security Council, it conversely resulted in its own isolation,” he said.

Araqchi pointed to a recent “political show” by US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, during which she displayed what she claimed to be debris from a missile transferred to Yemen by Iran, saying this was yet another desperate move aimed at influencing Security Council member states.

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