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US should address challenges inside Afghanistan rather shifting onus on others: Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK (ٗUrdu News) Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi while rejecting US accusations said that America should adopt the path of truth in favor of solution to Afghan issue.

Addressing the session of UN Security Council on Afghanistan, Ambassador Lodhi made it evident that US should focus in Afghanistan instead of leveling baseless accusations against Pakistan.

“Afghanistan and its partners, especially US, need to address the challenges inside Afghanistan rather than shift the onus for ending the conflict onto other countries,” she said.

“It is not enough to pay lip service to a negotiated settlement and then execute a strategy of force and coercion under the delusion that this will work in Afghanistan,” asserted the ambassador.

“The continuing force in Afghanistan without an accompanying political and diplomatic strategy will not yield a result different from what we have seen in 17 years,” she criticized.

She said that the rebels do not need to go anywhere else as Afghanistan government does not have any control over their 40 percent area.

“Those who imagine sanctuaries are outside Afghanistan need a reality check. With safe havens inside Afghanistan and income from the narcotics trade, the insurgency does not need outside assistance or ‘support centers’ to sustain itself,” clarified Maleeha.

“We call on the Taliban to abandon the path of violence and join talks,” she declared.

Responding to the Indian representative’s comments, “Those who talk of changing mindsets need to look within, at their own record of subversion against my country as our capture of an Indian spy has proven beyond doubt.”

Her statements came after US Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan had once again accused Pakistan of bearing safe terrorists’ sanctuaries.

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