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Syrian army soldiers, allies inflict heavy losses on Fateh al-Sham terrorists in Hama

Syrian government forces, supported by allied fighters from popular defense groups, have carried out fresh operations against terrorists from the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham Takfiri group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, in the country’s west-central province of Hama, inflicting substantial losses on them. A military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Syria’s official news agency, SANA, on ...

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No plans to pause US-South Korea military exercises: Mattis

Defense Secretary James Mattis says the United States does not plan to pause a joint annual military exercise with South Korea during the upcoming Winter Olympics in the Asian country. South Korea will host the Olympics in February amid rising tensions with North Korea. Seoul and Washington usually hold their ...

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Bahrain court jails two dissidents, strips them of citizenship

A court in Bahrain has sentenced two political dissidents to five years in prison and revoked their citizenship as the ruling Al Khalifah regime presses ahead with its heavy-handed clampdown on pro-democracy campaigners in the Persian Gulf kingdom. On Saturday, Bahrain’s Supreme Court of Appeal found the defendants guilty of “training in ...

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US, UK profiting from Saudi war on Yemen: Activist

An activist believes the reason why the United Nations has been unable to stop Saudi Arabia’s military aggression against Yemen is because the United States and Britain are profiting from this war.   “They must stop the Saudi aggression on Yemen, they must condemn the Saudi attack and as well ...

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US seeks to create chaos in Iran: Analyst

An analyst believes the United States’ sanctions against Iran have been aimed at creating chaos, adding that the administration of President Donald Trump is using the economy as a “weapon” to destabilize the country. “The sanctions that have been imposed on Iran for the past God knows how long have been ...

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Dey 9 rallies show Iran government enjoys wide support: Analyst

An academic says the nationwide demonstrations commemorating the anniversary of the 2009 mass rallies that were held in support of the Islamic Republic, known as the“Dey 9 epic feat”, show that the Iranian government enjoys “wide support” among the people. “Well I believe that these rallies prove that the Islamic regime of Iran enjoys ...

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