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Dey 9 rallies show Iran government enjoys wide support: Analyst

An academic says the nationwide demonstrations commemorating the anniversary of the 2009 mass rallies that were held in support of the Islamic Republic, known as the“Dey 9 epic feat”, show that the Iranian government enjoys “wide support” among the people.

“Well I believe that these rallies prove that the Islamic regime of Iran enjoys still wide support among the Iranian people and it is in response to the demonstrations that were led in various cities a few days ago to criticize the regime and to show unease with the current situation due to certain economic problems or hardships. So I believe that this is a good answer by the pro-regime in Iran to show support and to show that the regime enjoys wide support among the population,” Jamal Wakim, professor of international relations at Lebanese University, told PressTV in an interview on Saturday.

On December 30, 2009, millions of Iranians held nationwide protests to condemn the foreign-orchestrated unrest which had erupted following the presidential elections earlier that year.

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