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UK government pleads with Prince Harry not to invite Obama to his wedding

The UK government has expressed concern over the attendance of former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to Prince Harry’s wedding.

There has been speculation in the British media that the White House might take offense if Harry invites Obama, with whom he is friends with, but not US President Donald Trump.

“The 33-year-old prince has become good friends with the Obamas since bonding with them during the Invictus Games,” The Sun reported.

“There are deep fears among senior Foreign Office and No10 officials that another perceived national snub will make it impossible for [UK Prime Minister] Theresa May to meaningfully engage with Trump,” the newspaper said.

Britain’s Prince Harry (R) is seen interviewing former US President Barack Obama, in Canada, in a ‘Today Programme’ exclusive, London, Britain on December 27, 2017. (Photo by Reuters)

Trump told May he would not visit London for his controversial state visit until he is guaranteed a “better reception” amid fears of popular protests.

“When I know I’m going to get a better reception,” the president said in June, “I’ll come and not before.”

Trump, was due to visit the UK in 2018, but a date is yet to be confirmed. The working visit, which would not involve meeting Queen Elizabeth, would likely avoid the mass protests threatened by a full-blown state visit.

May also scolded Trump in September and again in November for irresponsible tweets about Britain.

Last month, Trump provoked a wave of anger and disgust from US human rights groups and UK politicians for re-tweeting incendiary anti-Muslim videos posted by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First.

“Harry has made it clear he wants the Obamas at the wedding, so it’s causing a lot of nervousness,” a senior government official told The Sun.

“Trump could react very badly if the Obamas get to a Royal wedding before he has had a chance to meet the Queen.”

“If the PM lays down the law, Harry will just have to suck it up,” the source says, despite the fact the wedding is not a state occasion.

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called Trump a “threat” to the world and said he should not be allowed in to the UK because of his “reckless” policies, specifically his ill-fated visa ban against people from several Muslim countries.

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