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Corbyn ‘eating healthy’ to be able to run in 2022 UK general election

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is taking all steps necessary to lead his party into the 2022 general election, including maintaining a healthy diet.

“We’ve got lots of energy. I’ve got loads of energy. I’m fine, I eat porridge every morning. Porridge and energy bars and I keep off alcohol and meat,” Corbyn told The Independent Wednesday.

On a more serious note, the main opposition leader predicted that there would be another election before 2022 because Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May’s coalition government was “not sustainable.”

After her call for a snap general election in June cost the Tories their parliamentary majority, May was forced to strike an embarrassing deal with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to prevent her government from collapsing.

May is currently under pressure to provide a meaningful plan for the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), something she has failed to do more than a year after 52 percent of Britons voted in favor of Brexit in a referendum.

Corbyn, on the other hand, has made the best out of May’s declining popularity and is getting more serious about replacing her.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May (Photo by AFP)

However, as an anti-Brexit campaigner, the Labour leader is facing a tough challenge convincing voters on both sides.

Asked whether he would push for another referendum on Brexit, Corbyn said there was no need for a second say and he would still do well without it, particularly in the upcoming local elections in May.

“The biggest elections are going to be in the main cities, particularly London, Birmingham, Newcastle – we’re going to be working very hard on them. In London particularly, they are going to focus on housing,” he said, before proceeding to criticize the Tory government’s treatment of local authorities.

“But it’s also emphasizing the way local authorities have been so underfunded by this government that they are all facing real difficulties … this is the product of seven years of austerity,” he argued. “I’m hoping we do very, very well, but I’m not putting a figure on it.”

Earlier this month, Corbyn told Grazia magazine that he expected another general election in 2018.

“I will probably win. I’m ready to be prime minister tomorrow,” he said then.

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