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Outraged Twitter users side with Palestine following Trump’s decision to move embassy

Hashtags are rife; whether you look up #FreePalestine and #SaveAlQuds or the Arabic #القدس_عاصمه_فلسطين_الابديه you will see how scores of users on the popular social platform Twitter are taking sides with the Palestinian people and against a possible decision by US President Donald Trump to relocate America’s diplomatic mission in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds.

From listing the name of countries that have warned Trump against the decision to posting pre-1947 maps that name Jerusalem al-Quds as Palestine’s capital and to open warnings of another Intifada popular movement against the Israeli occupation, Twitter users are not holding back. They are out on a mission to prove that Palestine is not alone. Join the Twitter storm at 21:00 Palestine time (1900 GMT).

Mona Kandil, Press TV’s correspondent in Ramallah, says Palestinians are preparing to hold three days of protests in reaction to Trump’s decision.

Government offices and schools in Palestine would be closed on Thursday as they planned to partake in the demonstrations, she added. According to Kandil, Palestinian youth are expected to rush towards Israeli checkpoints and confront Israeli soldiers there in case Trump ordered the embassy to be relocated.

Countries/orgs that have warned  against move:
•Saudi Arabia
•Arab League

Jerusalem is, was & forever will be the eternal capital of Palestine & it’s people, not the western proxy state of so-called “Israel”. Colonizers have no right to expect peaceful resistance from the colonized.   ✊

Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Israel is an apartheid state founded on the illegal occupation of Palestine by the Israeli military. Zionism is the racist & colonial ideology which justifies the ethnic cleansing of my people – the indigenous people of Palestine.

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Palestinian Christians and Muslims reject Trump’s promise to declare Jerusalem Israel’s capital.
Jerusalem will remain the capital of Palestine.

We are appalled but unsurprised about Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem. He is calling for “peace” while charging dangerously towards the opposite.


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