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History will condemn Brexit ‘disaster’, says Tory MP

The UK’s exit from the European Union (EU) is shaping up to be a “disaster” that history will condemn, says Member of Parliament Anna Soubry.

Soubry, an outspoken Tory MP who campaigned against leaving the EU in last year’s Brexit referendum, said Sunday that anti-EU campaigners had put the UK in an “unholy mess.”

“Here we are, nine months from triggering [the Lisbon Treaty’s] Article 50, and 17 from the referendum, and we still do not know what we even want by way of a transition,” she told The Guardian on Sunday, pointing to the ruling Tory government’s lack of plans months after initiating the process.

Soubry asked Prime Minister Theresa May to not walk away from trade talks with the EU despite slow progress.

The PM has threatened time and again that she would take the UK out of the bloc without a deal if the talks collapse.

“No deal becomes more and more of a profound reality,” Soubry said. “And the electorate was told a deal would be easy, that it would take about a day and a half. My God, history will condemn this period.”

“It will condemn those who’ve sat back and kept their view to themselves, who haven’t stood up and tried to stop all this nonsense,” she added.

Admitting that the divorce was inevitable, Soubry said she was ready to vote against her own party instead of watching “my country fall off a cliff edge.”

This is while May’s cabinet has been riddled with division over the country’s overall strategy to handle Brexit.

The differences of opinion have peaked over the past weeks, after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson laid out his own Brexit outlook in an article, drawing criticism from other Tories for promoting key Brexit demands of the opposition.

Soubry warned May that the Conservative Party could be “destroyed” if she could not “unite people as opposed to fuel further division.”

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