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White House soldiers removed over improper contact with foreign women

Three military personnel have been removed from their White House jobs over allegations they had “improper contact” with foreign women in Vietnam where President Donald Trump was spending part of his Asia tour.

The military is scrutinizing the three service members who worked for the White House Communications Agency, which helps provide secure communications for the president, vice president, Secret Service and other officials.

“We are aware of the incident, and it is currently under investigation,” said Mark Wright, a spokesman for the Defense Department.

If found guilty, the service members could lose their security clearances or receive administrative discipline or be subject to courts-martial.

The new allegation comes after four other military personnel on the same team were accused of behaving similarly on Vice President Pence’s trip to Panama in August.

The men, two from the Army and two from the Air Force, allegedly took foreign women into a secure area before Pence’s arrival, according to officials.

However, they were flown home before Pence arrived and suspended from the White House untill the investigation was completed, the officials said.

Also in April 2012, 13 Secret Service agents and officers, who had been accused of taking prostitutes to their hotel rooms, were flown back to Washington from Colombia.

The scandal prompted speculations and raised concerns that the prostitutes accessed the agents’ rooms and possibly classified information about the US president’s movements.

All of this comes against a backdrop of a widespread sexual scandal in the US involving politicians and media figures.

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