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Saudi prince after forcing Qatar to follow Riyadh: Journalist

Saudi Arabia has accused Qatar of supporting al-Qaeda and Daesh in order to have a pretext to impose sanctions on Doha “to make sure Qatar follows the direction and policies of the new regime in Saudi Arabia” led by Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, says a journalist.

Prince Mohammed also said the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen would continue in order to prevent the Iran-backed Houthi rebels from turning into another Hizbollah on Saudi Arabia’s southern border.

“We’re pursuing until we can be sure that nothing will happen there like Hizbollah again, because Yemen is more dangerous than Lebanon,” he said.

The Lebanese Shiite movement, armed and backed by Riyadh’s arch-rival Iran, is a formidable force in Lebanon and has extended its influence into Syria after entering the civil war there to support Syrian president Bashar Al Assad.

“Prince Mohammad bin Salman wants to assert that he has the full control of the [P]GCC countries by attacking Qatar and by calling upon all the members of the [P]GCC to actually participate in the embargo and siege against Qatar,” Omar Nashabe told Press TV on Tuesday.

Recent tensions between Qatar and a Saudi-led alliance is “part of an escalation,” which shows Prince Mohammad is very ambitious on a local and regional level, because he is exacerbating the internal affairs of the kingdom by ordering the arrest of a large number of officials and at the same time he wants to retain a solid grip on the whole Persian Gulf region, the journalist of al-Akhbar newspaper said.

On Tuesday, Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani said the Saudi-led bloc of countries that has put his country under a full-scale embargo was not interested in finding a solution to the diplomatic crisis in the Persian Gulf region. The emir said Doha was open to “dialog based on mutual respect.”


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