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Khawaja Asif asks US to provide ‘actionable intelligence’

ISLAMABAD  – Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said on Wednesday that the United States (US) should provide concrete and actionable intelligence rather than mere talking.

Speaking to Senate today, the minister briefed the lawmakers that Pakistan s foreign policy will be designed in accordance with the necessary guidelines and mutual consent. He slammed the US policy review for Afghanistan and South Asia and called out the Washington for implementing on strategies devised by  frustrated  US generals.

He reaffirmed that the US generals – who have become frustrated with Afghan war – have made the new policy and it will be ineffective. He suggested that the US State Department should take control of the foreign policies of the country rather than such generals coupled with US President Donald Trump.

The Foreign Minister assured the senators that their government is in talks with the US to discuss security policy for Afghanistan, adding that Pakistan will defend its interests at all forums.

“The discussion (with US) will be according to Pakistan’s policies. The sovereignty and interests (of Pakistan) will be kept in mind while framing policies,” he stated.

Expressing his hopes for a better future, he said things have already started getting better in Pak-US ties and that the inclusion in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) will yield good outcomes.

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