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Shia Muslims marking Tasu’a worldwide

Shia Muslims have begun marking Tasu’a, the eve of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (PBUH), by holding mourning rituals the world over. The occasion falls on the ninth day on the lunar month of Muharram. It is marked annually by the Shia faithful in honor of the Third Shia Imam ...

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Trump plans to accelerate US weapons sales abroad

US President Donald Trump is planning to accelerate American weapons sales abroad, and has prepared to ease the restrictions his predecessor, Barack Obama, in this regard, according to a new report. Trump’s move is likely to spark concerns about further flooding the global market with high-tech American weapons and fueling ...

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Iraq ‘to take control of Kurdistan borders’

Iraq says it will be taking control of the borders of its northern Kurdistan region — which has voted controversially to break away from the country — in coordination with Iran and Turkey. The Iraqi Defense Ministry said on Friday that the implementation of the central government’s decisions to take ...

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Iran calls on Europe to defy US sanctions if Trump abandons nuclear deal

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has urged Europe to defy US sanctions if US President Donald Trump’s administration abandons Tehran’s nuclear agreement with the world powers. In an interview with The Guardian and the Financial Times conducted in New York and published on Friday, Zarif stressed that Tehran will only abide by the restrictions ...

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US unable to stop Iran’s oil exports: Platts

If the US reimposes sanctions on Iran’s oil sector without the support of Europe, China and Russia, it will see grudging and uneven compliance by international energy companies and will not be able to stop crude flows that returned to the market in 2015, according to sanctions expert Elizabeth Rosenberg. ...

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UN inaction on Rohingya plight rooted in Islamophobia: Analyst

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution extending the mandate of the independent international fact-finding mission on the situation in Myanmar’s Muslim-majority Rakhine State, which has been the scene of an atrocious government crackdown over the past weeks. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres also denounced Myanmar recently for ...

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