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May to publish five new Brexit negotiating papers: Report

British Prime Minister Theresa May will soon release new Brexit negotiating papers amid reports that cabinet ministers are discussing whether to go ahead with trade talks with the European Union.

In her first week back in Downing Street following her three-week holiday, May will unveil five formal papers on key elements of the negotiations that include the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), data protection, and goods and services after Brexit, The Independent reports.

This comes one week before Brexit Secretary David Davis goes to Brussels for the next round of talks which have so far failed to bring progress on two key demands from EU negotiators, one on citizens’ rights and the other, the financial settlement.

Cabinet ministers are worried that the EU 27 could delay a decision on whether to continue negotiating a future trade deal by two months.

Prior to the release of the documents, Davis (pictured below) said his department would be “putting forward imaginative and creative solutions to build a deep and special partnership with our closest neighbors and allies.”

“In the coming days we will demonstrate our thinking even further, with five new papers – all part of our work to drive the talks forward, and make sure we can show beyond doubt that we have made sufficient progress on withdrawal issues by October so that we can move on to discuss our future relationship.”

“With the clock ticking, it wouldn’t be in either of our interest to run aspects of the negotiations twice,” the Brexit secretary added.

However, Liberal Democrat’s Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said it had “finally dawned” on ministers that Britain is “careering towards the edge of an economic precipice,” adding, that is why the government is desperately thinking about moving on to discuss future relationship with the EU.

“But with EU citizens still uncertain about their families’ futures in the UK, a huge question mark over the Irish border and no movement on the settlement bill, the UK Government’s pleas are going to fall on deaf ears.”

The UK government is seeking an interim trade relationship with the European Union in order to secure the “freest and most frictionless possible trade” with the EU after Britain exits the bloc.

London plans to ask Brussels to establish a “temporary customs union” after Brexit in March 2019.

Britain’s membership in the EU customs union, which currently allows for the tariff-free movement of goods, will end along with its membership of the single market when it exits the bloc.

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