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Brexit without negotiations disastrous for UK: analyst

UK government has formally adopted a bill to incorporate the European Union’s law into British law but the EU says many differences with London remain to be ironed out before talks on the British exit from the bloc. Press TV has asked Ian Williams, an expert of the Foreign Policy in Focus from New York, and Adam Garrie, managing editor of from London, to give their thoughts about the consequences of Brexit on the UK and the EU.

Williams said the aftermaths of Brexit will affect the Britons more than other European nations if Britain refuses to have appropriate negotiations over the process of its divorce from the European Union.

“The hard Brexit would be disastrous if Britain left without negotiating positions, because it is 27 to one and Britain is much more vulnerable but that will also cause chaos in Europe,” the analyst said on Thursday night.

British authorities do not have a “clear strategy” after resorting to every tactic to win the referendum for British exit from the EU, but “they are stuck with the consequences of their victory” because the government does not know what to do to avert the negative impacts of Brexit, he said.

The new bill to enact Brexit authorizes British ministers to amend pieces of legislation that won’t be applicable after London officially bids farewell to the 28-member bloc.

This file photo taken on March 25, 2017 shows demonstrators holding EU flags as they enter Parliament Square and pass the Houses of Parliament during an anti-Brexit march in central London. (Photo by AFP)

There was an emotional outburst to leave the EU but actually time is on the side of those who want to remain in the bloc, because Brexit is a huge complex deal and there is a lot of people who are skeptical that the deal can never actually happen, Williams said.

Garrie, the other guest on the show, said that “the differences between the European Union and the British establishment in terms of policy are virtually nil,” because “the British establishment is neoliberal and so is the European Union.”

“Britain is in a very poor negotiating position. It really is not in any position at all.”

The editor went on to say, “You’ve got 27 against one (Britain). The one should approach these 27 as an ally [and] as someone who basically wants to say things.”

The most sensible thing to do would be to propose “a Swiss-style agreement” with the EU to say the UK is free to come back and the Britons can complete their Brexit program within three to five years, Garrie proposed.

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