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Presidential staff uncertain about Ivanka Trump’s role in White House

Former fashion model, businesswoman, and daughter of supposedly the most powerful person on the planet, Ivanka Trump has apparently no use in the White House. Or at least that is what the White House staff perceives of her.

Even though she has a role as the advisor to Donald Trump, and has an office in the West Wing of the White House, Ivanka Trump does not hold a position that has a name.

Earlier this week, the First Daughter held a meeting in the White House in her father’s absence. The meeting revolved around ways to counter human trafficking. Not taking away the importance of the meeting or the issue it planned to discuss, or Ivanka’s intentions to solve the issue, but it seems that Ivanka’s attempts to have a greater role in her father’s administration does not mean much to the White House staff.

In the meeting, while the rest of the attendees had name cards with their job titles, Ivanka’s name card did not have one. The only thing written on it was her name. It seems that the daughter of the president is thought by those who placed the name cards as having no importance except for the fact that she is the daughter of Trump. For them, she is just Ivanka Trump. Nothing more, nothing less.

A post on twitter shows Ivanka Trump with House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy with the embarrassing name card in front of her.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

the White House staffer in charge of printing out these things doesn’t know what Ivanka does either

It could be possible that this was not intentional but an honest mistake on the part of the staffer who printed these cards. He or she could have been unaware of what the First Daughter does in the White House.

Whatever is the case, if Ivanka Trump intends to play a part in Trump’s administration, she should prove it to those who work with her through her actions in order to put to rest the belief that she is working in the White House just because she is Trump’s daughter. Or maybe she should just take up an official title and get it printed so that she does not have to be just ‘Ivanka Trump’ in meetings.

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