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No Google Chrome for Windows 10 S users

Users won’t be allowed to change Microsoft Edge and Bing as their default browser and search engine.

The arrival of Windows 10 S spells bad news for Google Chrome users as Microsoft has announced that their new operating system won’t allow the popular browser to run. Considering the fact that Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers, did Microsoft just shoot itself in the foot?

Last week, Microsoft unveiled its much hyped lightweight OS in a bid to compete with Chrome OS. The company aims to mostly issue Windows 10 S licenses to IT administrators in the education sector, where Chrome OS is quite popular. According to the company, the new version of Windows will only run applications that are distributed through the Windows store, where Chrome is not available.

As if this was not enough, Microsoft also announced through its FAQ section on its website that users will be allowed to download other browsers but will be unable to change their default browser on Windows 10 S. This means that even if users download another browser that they prefer, they will be stuck with Microsoft Edge, which, even though hailed by tech pundits as an improvement of Internet Explorer, is something users refrain from using. Not only that, Microsoft Edge comes with Bing search, which users avoid like the plague as it is frustrating to use for one’s searches. Microsoft has also said that users will be restricted from changing Bing and it will remain their default search engine.

Not being able to use Google chrome and being stuck with Microsoft Edge and Bing is a nightmare that no one wants to have. However, there is a silver lining to this gloomy scenario. Google Chrome can be made available on the Windows store using a tool called Desktop Bridge. The tool converts non-Windows compatible apps into compatible ones that can be distributed through Microsoft’s app store. However, it isn’t likely that the company would allow Google to use this tool to convert the Chrome browser into an app package compatible with Windows 10 S.

According to foreign media reports, a developer who tried to do this had his application rejected, with Microsoft saying that desktop browsers posed a security risk. Such attempts will seemingly continue to be rejected considering the fact that Chrome OS also does not allow users to install a third-party browser, and that Microsoft came out with Windows 10 S to compete with Chrome OS.

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