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LA photographer dresses up daughter in Pakistani outfit

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles photographer Laura Izumikawa who turned her adorable baby daughter into an Instagram star by dressing her up in incredible costumes as she naps, gave a Pakistani look to the little girl this time.

She posted a photo of the girl Joey asleep in the national dress and a Pakistani flag in one hand. Wearing an embroided green kameez and pink shalwar with a dupatta on her head and kolahpuri in her feet, she looked just delightful and pretty. Apart from that, Joey can also be seen wearing bangles, a ‘bindiya’ and a long wig.

Laura wrote that the dress, made by Pakistani designer Sana Arif, was sent by her friend Maria who runs a non-profit organization called Women’s Digital League which seeks to empower Pakistani women by training and connecting them to online work.

“Through the Joey World Project,” she wrote, “I’d like to bring a softer image of Pakistan and show a new side of Pakistani women achieving amazing things,” she said. Laura went on to explain the making of the beautiful ensemble and thanked Sana and Maria for the gift.

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