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Spat over Bieber concert: Sonakshi blocked this singer on Twitter

(Web Desk) – Sonakshi Sinha has blocked Indian singer Sona Mohapatra on Twitter after she blasted the ‘Dabangg’ actress for her alleged appearance at Justin Bieber’s forthcoming Mumbai concert.

The spat-story begins with singer Armaan Malik endorsing Kailash Kher’s stance on Sinha being the opening act for Bieber concert. He had said that a singer should share the stage with a singer and criticised the event managers claiming that whenever a big star arrives in India, biggies of acting business claim the stage and singers are neglected.

Armaan Malik supported Kher’s stance and wrote on social media: “Agree with @Kailashkher sir! Actors are actors & singers are singers. Leave the stage & mic to us, that s our playground not yours.”
In the latest of developments about the spat that is quickly turning ugly, singer Mohapatra criticised Sinha on Facebook. She wrote: “Let s start with some commitment to craft & technique to start with? ART is a big word to throw around here in my artistic opinion. Such a slap on the face of music, audiences, fans of music, performing artists, live music, musicians & also on India. Integrity be damned. Showing no care for true musicians life time of commitment & cutting the line to pursue your entitled dream be okay dear Sonakshi? C mon.”

‘Lootera’ star blocked Mohapatra on Twitter and apparently did not feel the need to clarify her stance, other than what she had told Malik earlier.

Reportedly, Sinha has clarified to a media outlet that she is not going to perform at the event. However, the spat seems to have snowballed and seems to continue until the big day lest, the star kid gives an unequivocal clarification.

Justin Bieber is to perform for the first time in India on May 10 in DY Patil Stadium.

Mohapatra posted a screenshot of block-episode:


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