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Daily Archives: April 11, 2017

This invention can turn seawater into drinking water

 Researchers have created a ‘graphene sieve’ that removes salt from seawater, providing clean drinking water for millions of people who struggle to access adequate clean water sources. Graphene is the world’s thinnest material, a layer of pure carbon that is incredibly strong.  A team at Manchester University in the UK ...

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US Navy considering more powerful warships

The US Navy is planning to upgrade its future frigates to make sure they can defend other ships from anti-air threats as well as enemy vessels undersea and on the surface. The force has put together a study group called the Requirement Evaluation Team (RET) to examine how future frigates ...

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Myanmar begins shutting down displacement camps in Rakhine

Myanmar authorities begin shutting down three displacement camps in the beleaguered Rakhine State, where persecuted Rohingya Muslims are mainly based. “We have initiated the process to close down three IDP (internally-displaced persons) camps,” Myanmar’s National Security Advisor Thaung Tun said in a press briefing, without elaborating on where the camp ...

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Protesting prison guards clash with riot police near French capital

French police forces have clashed with prison guards protesting working conditions in a notorious prison south of Paris. The incident came at Monday night at the sprawling Fleury-Merogis prison after a few hundred workers blocked the entrance and set tires on fire to call attention to concerns about security and overcrowding. ...

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Hundreds protest in Italy against G7 meeting on Syria

Hundreds of Italian protesters have staged a protest rally against a meeting of Group of Seven (G7) foreign ministers underway in the city of Lucca, condemning the group’s stance on crisis-hit Syria. The demonstrators marched throughout Lucca on Monday, chanting slogans and carrying banners against the presence of G7 foreign ...

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