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Moula Ali Dargah to get renovation for 13th Rajab

The Moula Ali Dargah, which was constructed by Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah, will soon offer its pilgrims a delightful and divine experience with various renovation works and new constructions being taken up ahead of the birth anniversary celebrations of Imam Ali (a.s) on April 11.

Situated atop the Moula Ali hillocks, the Moula Ali Dargah, which is almost 500 years old, is considered one of the prominent shrines by the Shia and Sunni Muslims across the world and people visit here on the birth anniversary of Imam Ali (a.s) to offer their prayers.

The steps which lead to the shrine with unsteady stones and uneven steps here are being repaired for the convenience of pilgrims. It is not an easy task for one to reach the mosque as one has to climb around four hundred odd steps.

The construction of a parking area, roads and washrooms too have been taken up for the convenience of visitors and cleaning of water wells inside the mosque is also under process. Restoration works for the Ashoorkhana, Naqqar Khana and Baradari have already been completed while painting works are likely to be finished in a week’s time, said an official at the Dargah.

Around a hundred thousand of pilgrims including several from other faiths also come to the shrine on the occasion, said Mir Ashraf Ali, Administrator, Moula Ali Dargah.

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