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US plan against IS includes Pak-Afghan region





WASHINGTON: US Defence Secretary James Mattis has delivered to the White House a new plan for combating the militant Islamic State group (IS), which calls for using both military and non-military means for defeating the extremist organisation.

As Pentagon officials said that the plan went beyond Iraq and Syria, the commander of the US forces in Afghanistan warned that the IS had a significant presence in the Pak-Afghan region as well.

The United States media reported that the new plan was an updated version of the Obama administration’s strategy of relying on local forces to fight the militants and called for using more US troops than allowed by the previous rulers. The plan also suggests various options for tightening the screws on the terrorist group’s funding.

As the Trump administration expanded its plans for defeating terrorists, Gen John Nicholson, Commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, told a military publication that “alliances of convenience” among terrorist networks in Afghanistan and Pakistan was a big concern for the United States.

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