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UK women disappointed in May’s government: Walker

British Prime Minister Theresa May has done “nothing” to solve the many issues that women are faced with in the UK, says Women’s Equality Party leader Sophie Walker, calling the premier a “huge disappointment.”

Speaking ahead of her party’s first annual conference in Manchester on Sunday, Walker blasted the government for its lack of action on issues like pay transparency, childcare and social care.

Upon taking office earlier this year, the premier said addressing a widening gender pay gap was at the heart of her policies to tackle economic inequality.

“She has done nothing and it has been a huge disappointment,” Walker said, noting that May’s government had squashed all their hopes for “equal opportunities.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May (Photo by AFP)

The Tory government not only failed to deliver on its pledges, it did not even address women’s issues in the autumn statement, Walker said.

“The government said it would issue guidelines this autumn to companies and we’ve seen absolutely nothing. There’s nothing in the autumn statement about childcare or social care. The silence is deafening,” she further explained.

Trump’s election

Walker, a former London mayoral candidate, also took a swipe at US President-elect Donald Trump, saying his election was a “devastating blow” that indicated prevalent sexism in the political sphere.

Criticizing Trump for his vulgar views about women, she predicted a spike in the number of membership applications for her 18-months-old party, which currently has some 65,000 members.

“At least now we don’t have to debate if misogyny exists. We don’t have to debate sexism,” Walker said.

“In some respects, now all that awfulness is exposed to the light, it is very clear what we are up against and there is a real push for an alternative,” she added.

Walker said her party was seeking affordable childcare, fair pensions, ending violence against women.

However, it was hard for British women to run for political posts and become political figures, she said.

“They come under levels of abuse that are entirely disproportionate and are specific to our sex,” Walker said.


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