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US-UK “special relationship” more important than Trump’s Muslim ban, May suggests


British Prime Minister Theresa May fails to condemn a plan by US President-elect Donald Trump to ban Muslims from entering the country.

During the Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on Tuesday, May suggested that the US-UK “special relationship” is her administration’s priority and Washington itself decides about “rule” the immigrants need to follow to enter the country.

During his campaign in the run-up to the US 2016 presidential election, the now president-elect called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

May responded to a question by Scottish National Party Tommy Shepherd, referring to the Britons who may want to visit or stay in the US.

Shepherd asked “what action she would take if the new President-elect carries through on his campaign promise to discriminate against our citizens on the basis of their religion.”

“And will she give a commitment that the special relationship that she believes our government has with the US presidency will be conducted on the basis of respect for all of our citizens, irrespective of their race or religion?”

In response, the British premier said she would “protect” British citizens but mostly focused on the “special relationship.”

“We of course want to ensure the dignity of our citizens,” she said, however, asserting that, ”It is up to the US what rules they put in place in terms of entry across their borders.”

“We will be ensuring that that special relationship continues, and continues in the interests of both the UK and the US.”

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