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Clinton campaign for disclosure of emails duplicitous, analyst suggests

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton should call for the release of the affidavit that convinced a judge to issue a warrant to authorize the FBI to go through newly discovered emails related to her private server scandal rather than calling for the release of the 650,000 as she did after FBI Director James Comey wrote a letter to the Republican-controlled Congress, revealing the new probe.

Despite having refused to recommend criminal charges against the former secretary of state following an investigation earlier, Comey wrote a letter to congressional leader on Friday, speaking of new emails “pertinent” to the case, which finally led to initiation of a new probe.

Soon after the letter was sent, the Clinton campaign called for a full disclosure of the content, saying, Comey was playing a political game ahead of the November 8 vote.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, political commentator and radio host Don DeBar suggested that if the Clinton campaign is really not afraid of the contents of the emails, she should call for the release of the “affidavit that supported the application for the warrant,” rather than the large bulk of the emails.

DeBar’s argument suggested that the affidavit should have been compelling enough to have convinced the judge to issue the warrant and Clinton should pursue the release of that, “if she wants the facts out.”

“Let’s see what those facts are, because apparently, there’s enough of a case there for a judge to sign a warrant.”


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