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French officers protest for 3rd night against violence targeting police

Several hundred police officers rallied in the French capital, Paris, for a third night of demonstrations calling for stiffer penalties following a spate of attacks on officers.

Around 500 officers gathered near the Eiffel Tower in the French capital to express their anger on Thursday night.

The protesters, mostly dressed in civilian clothes and some with their faces masked, called for reinforcements and stiffer penalties following the recent attacks on police.

Some reports said the protest had not been authorized.

Similar demonstrations were also held in other French cities as concerns are growing over the safety of law enforcement forces.

Attacks have been carried out on officers during patrols in tough suburbs and during street demonstrations in the recent past.

On October 8, a 28-year-old officer suffered serious burns when he was attacked with a petrol bomb on the outskirts of the capital.

French police officers sit as they face anti-riot policemen during a rally to protest attacks on officers, in Paris, October 20, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

The execution-style killing of a police officer in June was the first in a string of attacks by a suspected member of the Takfiri Daesh terrorist group.

The demonstrations by police officers continue despite government efforts to contain growing anger among them.

“Police officers need recognition,” Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Thursday, adding, “I call for calm and peace and I say to the police officers of France that they can count on my support, my solidarity, my understanding and my commitment.”

Police unions are demanding a meeting with President Francois Hollande and calling for fixed minimum sentences for attacks on police. Hollande has said he plans to meet with police union leaders next week.


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