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American media protecting political elite: Analyst


The American mainstream media have always tried to protect the political elite like Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and that is why they are running a major smear campaign against her Republican rival Donald Trump, says an analyst.

Rodney Martin, a former US Congressional staffer, made the remarks while discussing the current state of the race for the White House, where Clinton and Trump have entangled themselves in various problems.

On Thursday, Trump addressed mounting accusations of sexual assault on women, dismissing them as “outright lies” fabricated by the American news media.

The anti-Trump wave in the media has coincided with the release of another batch of Clinton’s emails by WikiLeaks, revealing her ties with big corporations.

According to the emails, the former first lady, New York Senator and secretary of state received $675,000 from three speeches she made at Goldman Sachs and reportedly $3 million more for speaking at other major corporate banks and financial firms in the Wall Street.

Unlike Trump’s lewd remarks in a 2005 video, however, Clinton’s email case has received way less media attention.

Trump said Thursday the media is an entrenched establishment force “in bed” with Clinton and determined to get her elected the president of the United States.

“Donald Trump’s criticisms of collusion between the media and the Clinton campaign is one case where he is correct and then WikiLeaks has proved that,” Martin said.

He said leaked emails from the various organizations within the Democratic Party back up Trump’s allegations against the former secretary of state.

However, the mainstream media have been trying to undermine Clinton’s email case by giving extensive coverage to Trump’s lewd remarks from years ago, the analyst noted.

“These emails are an indictment of the corrupt and rotten American system,” Martin said. “It reveals just how corrupt the American system is and just how corrupt the American media is and how the media will go to break links to preserve the American political elite.”

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