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Trump fans want anything but ‘Clinton last name’


Sexually obscene remarks by GOP nominee Donald Trump expose what a “rank amateur” the real estate mogul is, a fact that is surprisingly “his biggest selling point,” says a broadcast journalist based in New York.

David Christie’s comments during a Sunday interview with Press TV came in regard to a scandal, gripping the Trump campaign after the release of a videotape and subsequent audio files, containing lewd comments by him about women in the run-up to the US 2016 presidential election.

Following one of the scandalous leaks, Trump issued an unprecedented apology; however, the “true character” of a politician is what should matter the most to voters, according to Christie.

Behind Trump’s mask

The analyst explained that politicians, “especially those with a high national profile,” have two personas.

“There’s the public persona that frames their public image; it’s based on selling themselves to their constituents and gaining public support. That requires telling the most people what the politician thinks they want to hear,” Christie said.

“Then there’s the private persona; that’s the person behind the mask; it frames the real character and mentality that only their intimate friends and associates are exposed to. The entire agenda of a campaign is to maintain the public persona at all costs,” he noted.

Trump supporters form a line outside a rally for Republican candidate for Vice President Mike Pence at JWF Industries in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on October 6, 2016. (photo by AFP)

The reason for such an effort, Christie argued, is because “the true nature of governing is based on things that most average simple minded voters don’t understand; they don’t comprehend the kind of compromises and moral choices at the core of diplomatic relationships and the nuances that are involved in making progress on a national and international scale; they usually revolve around policies that aren’t based on simplistic, black and white issues.”

He concluded that the most important aspect of a person in a “powerful position” is their “character,” and Trump’s true character has been exposed to the public.

“The Trump juggernaut went off the rails and right over the cliff when Trump committed the ultimate sin for an American politician; he allowed his true nature to be exposed. And it’s not pretty.”

Trump Campaign’s ‘fat fact’

A Halloween mask depicting Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is seen for sale at Total Party, a party store, in Arlington, Virginia, October 7, 2016. (photo by AFP)

The key point of the leaks is not Trump being “a dirty old man,” but “the fact that he is an amateur,” something Christie described as the “biggest selling point” for his “cult of simple minded minions.”

“They [Trump’s supporters] don’t understand what being a professional statesman or woman actually means,” he asserted.

“The fat fact is that the only qualification they want in a candidate is that the last name isn’t Clinton.”

The New York-based journalist further referred to Trump’s comments during the primary elections, when he said he would still be supported by voters even if he shot someone dead in the street.

Christie said such an assessment is in fact “correct,” given the recent scandal’s apparent failure to change his fans’ understanding.

The scandal complicated matters for Trump as he was about to face off his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, in the second one-on-one debate on Sunday.

“It doesn’t really matter anymore which individual is running for office; what really matters is that we make sure people with the kind of character defects who would vote for an amateur circus clown like Trump for president, are at the end of the day, the actual losers.”

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