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Obama tells Democrats not to get overconfident about Clinton victory

US President Barack Obama has warned Democrats not to become too confident about their prospects in the upcoming presidential election.

“If we are not running scared until the day after the election, we are going to be making a grave mistake,” Obama said in Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts, on Monday

He made such remarks while Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has currently a strong position in the race for the White House against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“If we do our job, then Hillary will be elected president of the United States. But if we do not do our jobs, then it’s still possible for her to lose,” Obama said.

According to polls, Clinton generally has a lead over Trump, who has been under criticism over his controversial remarks against Muslims, African Americans and immigrants.

Clinton currently trounces Trump by 30 points in the business mogul’s home state of New York, according to a new poll by Siena College.

In Pennsylvania, Clinton is also leading Trump 52 percent to 42, according to a Quinnipiac survey of likely voters released last week.

Among the media outlets, Trump’s campaign has received a wave of bad publicity over the past few weeks, falling further behind Clinton on the path to the presidency.

On Monday, Obama called on his party to maintain a sense of urgency until the election on Nov. 8.

The president called Trump unqualified and said that he was tired of talking about him.

“I don’t have to make the case against her opponent, because every time he talks he makes the case against his own candidacy,” Obama said.


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