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On Election Day, vote for your best interest, Hoenig urges fellow Americans

Green Party candidate for US House in Maryland’s Seventh District Myles Hoenig is calling on fellow Americans to vote for their “best interests” in the 2016 presidential election rather than having to choose between one of the two main parties’ nominees.

Hoenig made the remarks in a Monday phone interview with Press TV when asked about efforts underway at the Central Intelligence Agency to draft Evan McMullin, a former CIA officer and counterterrorism expert, to launch an independent run for the White House in an attempt to stop GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“It can’t and won’t happen,” he speculated. “Party rules allow for removal of a nominee with the nominee’s permission. But to Trump, the Republicans are united behind him. Every presidential candidate of any party is delusional in some way but Trump makes it for the case studies.”

If Trump is actually replaced by McCullin, the Republican Party’s “reputation could be enhanced but the chance of a victory would be diminished even more,” he said, yet noting, “that doesn’t mean that [Democratic nominee Hillary] Clinton would win in a landslide.”

He argued that if Trump drops out of the race for any reason, he “would no longer be the rallying cry for wayward Democrats as to why Clinton must be elected.”

“Having Clinton for the Democrats and an unknown for the Republicans could also give voters the simple idea of actually voting for their own best interests, something rarely done in presidential elections,” he concluded.

The Baltimore-based political commentator further argued that if McMullin is really drafted, it will end up in favor of Green Party nominee Jill Stein (pictured above).

“The ‘guilt’ of voting for Stein and being a spoiler would evaporate. If Clinton were to be the perceived winner, even before Election Day, then voting one’s conscience for Stein and the Green Party would be refreshing for many.”1197eb5f-4a8a-471e-8a72-12a907804c92

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