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More Clinton campaign secrets exposed to hackers

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign says its databases have been infiltrated by hackers during a recent attack on the Democratic Party and its various organizations.

It was reported on Friday that the FBI was investigating a broad cyber attack effort on the Democratic Party, after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s computer network was breached.

The news came only days after thousands of hacked emails belonging to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) were leaked on the Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.

Clinton’s campaign released a statement late on Friday, claiming that hackers had also accessed an analytics data program that was maintained by the DNC and used by the campaign and several other entities “as part of the DNC hack,” according to Reuters.

“Our campaign computer system has been under review by outside cyber security experts. To date, they have found no evidence that our internal systems have been compromised,” said Nick Merrill, a Clinton campaign spokesman.

The FBI also issued a statement on Friday, said it was aware of the hacking attempts and “is working to determine the accuracy, nature and scope of these matters.”

The US Department of Justice’s national security division has also taken an interest in the matter, trying to determine if the attacks on the DNC were posing any threat to the country’s security, Reuters reported citing sources familiar with the matter.

American intelligence agencies say they have “high confidence” that the Russian government was behind the hack that exposed an insider effort by DNC officials to undermine US Senator Bernie Sanders’ bid for the White House, which at times surpassed Clinton’s popularity.

Following the attacks, the Clinton campaign sounded the “alarm” over what they called growing evidence of a foreign power “interfering in an American election.”

Russia has dismissed the US allegations of interfering in the country’s presidential election.b9aa004f-38cb-4b77-9565-cd0495b5f4ff

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