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Trump slams Clinton over nomination speech at DNC

US Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has reacted angrily to Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention where she formally accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for US president.

During her nomination speech on Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Clinton urged US voters to embrace four more years of a Democratic White House rather than elect Trump.

She criticized Trump throughout her nearly hour-long speech, describing him as a self-absorbed and unstable candidate that is in contrast to America’s need for a level-headed and compassionate leader.

In response to Clinton’s address, Trump launched a scathing tweetstorm, saying Clinton is followed by “corruption and devastation wherever she goes.”

Trump, who laid out his own vision for the US last week at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, said Clinton’s “vision” for the world is “borderless” and “working people” will “have no power, no jobs, no safety.”

Trump slammed Clinton’s policy when she was secretary of state, saying wars she unleashed led to destruction, terrorism, and the creation of Daesh across the world.

He undermined Clinton’s promise to bring reforms to American financial markets, noting that Clinton is owned by Wall Street itself.

“Hillary Clinton says America is stronger together. But in Hillary Clinton’s America, millions of people are left out in the cold. She only stands together with the donors and special interests who’ve bankrolled her entire life,” he wrote.

“Excluded from Hillary Clinton’s America are the suffering people living in our inner cities, or the victims of open borders and drug cartels, or the people who’ve lost their jobs because of the Clintons’ trade deals, or any hardworking person who doesn’t have enough money to get a seat at Hillary Clinton’s table.”

The Republican nominee also rapped Clinton for accusing him of being incapable of improving the US economic situation.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday, Trump has taken a two-percentage point lead over Clinton, marking the first time he has been ahead since early May.

A Gallup poll released earlier this month found that Trump and Clinton are among the worst-rated presidential candidates of the last 70 years.


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