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Clinton’s poor judgment outweighs any experience: Analyst

US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s “experience” as secretary of state is a recipe for disaster and her poor judgment outweighs any experience, an American political analyst and activist says.

Myles Hoenig, a Green Party candidate for Congress, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday after President Barack Obama strongly endorsed Clinton as his successor, saying she is more qualified to be president of the United States than Bill Clinton or himself.

The former secretary of state is a “leader with real plans to break down barriers, blast through glass ceilings, and widen the circle of opportunity to every single American, the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton,” Obama said in a speech at the packed Democratic National Convention center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Wednesday night.

“President Obama says that Hillary Clinton is more qualified than him or Bill Clinton to serve as president. He’s mistaking a resume and experience with judgment and success,” Hoenig said.

“Bill Clinton was an attorney general and the governor of a state before serving as CEO of this country. Being a governor is far more experiential than anything Hillary has done in her life.  Obama was a US senator before becoming president. He was one of the least qualified to be president since John Kennedy, regardless of how one feels about Kennedy’s term,” he stated.

“Hillary Clinton has no successful executive experience. As First Lady she did act as a co-president to husband Bill, but without the accountability, she was a glorified advisor. What matters most in claiming whether one is qualified is the level of success and quality of judgment one has,” he added.

“Hillary Clinton has been a monumental failure in this, practically a disaster, something we should expect of a Clinton presidency if she were to win in November,” the analyst noted.

“Her only real executive experience was that of the secretary of state, making her one of the least effective, if not the most counter-productive secretary in many years.  The claim that she’ll finish the job with ISIS [Daesh] is ludicrous, as she helped it in its inception, and armed it as a result of her Libya fiasco,” he observed.

“What she did in Libya is beyond incompetence. Not only did she not have a follow through plan after overthrowing its government, but the results have been catastrophic. Once the African country with the greatest standard of living under Gaddafi has degenerated into a stateless mess, and a training camp for ISIS and others,” he said.

“Her involvement in Honduras was near criminal. Whether the US had a role or not in the coup that overthrew an elected government, when the entire western hemisphere and the OAS refused to recognize the new military dictatorship, Clinton greased the path for its survival and continuation,” he pointed out.

“Today, Honduras is considered the most dangerous country on earth and much of the immigration coming to the US is from Honduras, fleeing the murderous chaos she had inflicted on the people. She did her job well of protecting the large corporations, but at a terrible cost,” he continued.

“She’s breaking a glass ceiling. But so did Margaret Thatcher and Great Britain is still trying to recover,” Hoenig concluded.


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