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Hillary Clinton playing the Trump card: Analyst


Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who is running for US president in the 2016 vote, has nothing to offer to her supporters apart from the fact that “she is not Donald Trump,” an analyst says.

“She is playing the Trump card everywhere she goes. The only thing she has to sell is that she is not Trump,” Daniel Patrick Welch told Press TV in an interview on Tuesday.

Being branded as divisive, Trump has on several occasions offended Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, and women, among whom he is said to be quite unpopular.

According to Welch, the former First Lady is taking advantage of the unpopularity to appeal to voters, an approach, he suggested, is frequently adopted by the Democratic Party.

“Poll after poll shows that a huge majority of Americans are voting… [for Clinton] because they don’t want the other guy [Trump] to win,” noted the political commentator based in Boston.

“This has been the strategy of the Democrats forever; we’re not the other guy; they don’t have to meet any of the needs of the people; they just knock the other guy,” he said, describing the attitude as “cynical nauseating.”

“It’s kind of a rigged game; there’s no such thing as democracy in the US; it’s an oligarchy and the notion of spreading it to the world or making the world safe with Democracy, if you look at it in the context, is a horrible thing.”

In the meantime, Welch noted, the media keeps “making jokes about his hair and his intelligence” among other things.

Clinton’s campaign is using “this identity politics… as a way to squeeze these really vicious and ugly policies and wars into place,” he added.

“She can’t constantly say that she’s better than Trump; that’s not good enough,” Welch concluded.

He made the comments in regard to Monday remarks by the presumed democratic nominee at the annual NAACP conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she said, “I do not care if you are a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, Donald Trump cannot become president of the United States.”

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