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British parliament incapable of having ‘reasonable vote’ on Trident after Brexit

The British parliament is incapable of having a “reasonable vote” on the renewal of the Trident nuclear program in the wake of the country’s decision to quit the European Union, an analyst says.

Javier Farje made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday in regard to a request by the Westminster leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) to scrap the renewal.

Angus Robertson (pictured below) called on Prime Minister Theresa May to put the vote, set for Monday, on halt and not use it as a “a political tool with which to try and embarrass divisions in the Labour party.”

His opposition was also echoed in protests held in 37 towns and cities across Scotland over the weekend.

According to Farje, one of the reasons for the opposition is the cost of the program, which is “going up all the time.”

On the other hand, the political commentator argued, after the recent “turmoil in the political scene” the British lawmakers “aren’t in the position to make a reasonable vote.”

The British politics was heavily influenced by controversies surrounding Brexit, for which about 52 percent of the voters opted at a referendum on June 25, while roughly 48 percent voted to stay in the EU.

Robertson, whose 54 SNP MPs will all vote against a renewal, also argued that British politicians have recently been busy “backstabbing, score-settling and navel-gazing,” and therefore “neither the Tories nor Labour are in any fit state to be giving proper scrutiny to decisions as important as this.”

“What is clear is that most members of the parliament for the Labour Party will vote in favor of Trident although the official version of the leadership is to vote against [it],” Farje said.

The reason for the unconventional support among the Labour MPs, he asserted, is “pressure” from the country’s unions, which seek more jobs.

“The unions are concerned about losing jobs and therefore they’d rather vote in favor of Trident,” Fajre said.

According to Robertson, “Theresa May has made big commitments about a new style of government. I would urge her to put her words into action by showing that the Tories’ political games around Trident are a thing of the past – and allow MPs, and the public, the fully informed debate that they deserve.”


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