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Daily Archives: June 28, 2016

US air strikes to put pressure on Pakistan to do more: experts

WASHINGTON: The United States has resumed its air strikes on Taliban positions in Afghanistan, as part of a strategy to force the insurgents to negotiate with the Afghan government. Defence experts in Washington warn that the new strategy could further increase US pressure on Pakistan to do more against the ...

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Revised Pentagon program trains less than 100 Syria militants

A revamped training program by the Pentagon has trained less than 100 additional militants to combat Daesh terrorists in Syria, US officials said. US military officials are considering ways to speed up training of Syria militants after another train-and-equip program was abandoned last October. Units of Syria militants were transported out of Syria ...

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US accuses Russia of harassing its diplomats

The United States has complained bitterly to Moscow over harassment of American diplomats by Russian security agents and traffic police, the State Department says. The intimidation against American diplomats, embassy staff and their families in Russia and other European capitals is increasing, according to the US State Department. “We see an increase ...

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Campaign denies reports Trump is modifying Muslim ban

Donald Trump campaign has denied reports that the presumptive Republican nominee for US president is rolling back his controversial proposal banning Muslims from entering the United States. “This is not accurate,” Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for the campaign, said on Monday. “There has been no change from the exchanges over ...

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North Korea’s Scuds can reach US base in Japan: Paper

North Korea’s short-range Scud missiles are now developed enough to reach the US naval base in Japan, the South’s military sources say. According to estimates by the South Korean intelligence, Pyongyang’s Scud-ER, also called Hwasong-7, could travel some 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), long enough to reach US military installation in ...

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