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Trump, Clinton most untrustworthy candidates: Journalist

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton are the most dishonest candidates in the recent history of the United States, an American author and investigative journalist says.

“The two are the most disliked and untrustworthy candidates to run for president in my memory,” said Dave Lindorff, a columnist for Counter Punch and a contributor to Business Week and other news organizations.

“Hillary Clinton has some very high negatives among the public; she’s not trusted by about 58 percent of people polled, which is better than trump but not a whole lot better,” Lindorff told Press TV on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Trump launched a scathing attack on Hillary Clinton’s record and character, slamming his presidential rival as a “world class liar” who “gets rich making you poor.”

The billionaire businessman called Clinton the “most corrupt” person to ever run for president and accused her of spreading “death, destruction and terrorism” while serving as US secretary of state.

Several of Trump’s claims were exaggerated or inaccurate, including wrongly saying Clinton wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to resettle Syrian refugees in the US.

Meanwhile, Clinton, who was campaigning in the state of North Carolina, called Trump’s accusations “outlandish lies.”

“He’s going after me personally because he has no answers on the substance,” Clinton said. “All he can try to do is try to distract us.”

Trump also blasted the American political establishment, urging Americans to shake up a “rigged” political system.

In addition, he made a direct appeal to supporters of Clinton’s party rival Bernie Sanders, reminding voters that the US senator from Vermont has also raised questions about her judgment.

An Associated Press review of State Department documents shows that Clinton opened her office to dozens of influential Democratic Party fundraisers, Clinton loyalists and corporate donors to the Clinton Foundation, a nonprofit corporation established by her husband, former president Bill Clinton.


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